It's here, the 10th Anniversary - Collector's Edition - 2013 Top 500 Guide

Looking to showcase your brand and target your advertising messages to the most influential purchasing decision makers in all of e-commerce?

If so, then it’s time to capitalize upon this exclusive opportunity to reach the top players in North American online retailing. Reserve your ad space today in the industry’s bible: the Internet Retailer 2013 Top 500 Guide, Special 10th-Anniversary Edition. Few marketing investments make more cents for vendors eager to showcase their sophisticated technology solutions or services than an advertisement placed in the #1 resource in e-commerce publishing, which will be referenced time and again for months to come by key executives in the industry.

Scheduled for release in print, digital and database format in late April, place your ad in the eagerly anticipated research guide which continues to document the growth of the leaders in North American e-retailing with several new features. In this special edition, you can now place your ad next across from a comprehensive analysis of the past decade of growth for each of the Top 500 e-retailers as measured against overall e-commerce patterns and total retail sales in the U.S., as well as a survey of e-commerce technology trends over the past 10 years and how they have impacted the Top 500 retailers.

The Data – The wealth of data featured in this commemorative edition of the Top 500 Guide—referenced, sourced and relied upon throughout the year—compels our e-commerce executive readership to decide upon the technology products and services they need to develop or expand their services.

Your Clients – Claim your success and showcase your status as a provider of technology or services to one or more clients who’ve made the elite Top 500 rankings.

Hot Prospects – Get the exposure you want before your most desired prospects or targeted merchant types (e.g., apparel, electronics or health and beauty). Online retailers continuously refer to not only their own listing, but the listings of their competitors.

Hot Commodity – Retailers dubbed the Top 500 Guide as “the bible of online retailing”—and the nickname stuck and only added to its credibility over the years. The Top 500 Guide serves as the only resource for compelling analysis and competitive information in the online retail industry.

Ad Shelf Life – Since this book is produced annually, your ad placement gets a year’s worth of continuous exposure—in both print and digital format— to our strategic industry readership for real staying power.

Contact Elizabeth Riley-Green today to discuss the best placement for your ad, based on your service to this industry or the clients you represent.

Full-Page Ad Options

For maximum messaging exposure, select a full-page ad, which gives you a choice of two placement options: either alongside one of your Top500 clients/hottest prospects or on the right-hand side of critical industry reports.

Both of these options will garner a year’s worth of messaging reinforcement as all of the guide’s data are repeatedly accessed by Internet Retailer’s executive readership.

Seize the opportunity to get exposure to your top clients and best prospects with a full-page ad. E-mail Elizabeth today to discuss the best placement for your full-page ad

Product Showcase Options

Trying to balance budgetary considerations with the need for high visibility? Consider a Single or Double Box Product Showcase ad. Their easily accessible placement in the guide brings readers interested in researching various products that serve the Top 500 retailers right to you. These are the prices and sizes of the three categories to choose from:

Single Box: $875
(dimensions: 3.375" W x 3" H)

Double Box, Horizontal: $1375
(dimensions: 7.125" W x 3" H)

Double Box, Vertical: $1375
(dimensions: 3.375" W x 6.25" H)

Qualify for the Logo Sponsorship

Take advantage of the "2013 Vendor to the Top 500 E-Retailers" emblem by fulfilling these requirements:

At least one client confirmed in the 2013 Edition of the Top 500 Guide

Placement of a full-page ad

Regular Price: $750

Discounted Price: $550

Logo Usage and Licensing:

Your company will have the use of the purchased logo for branding on your web site and in marketing materials for one full year commencing on the date that reflects receipt of payment.

Act Now: Place Your Ad in the 2013 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, Special 10th-Anniversary Edition

Expose elite strategic thinkers in online retailing to your brand’s message. An advertisement in The Top 500 Guide ensures a long shelf-life of your messaging as this guide is repeatedly referenced throughout the year and each copy passes many executive hands. With its enormous wealth of eagerly sought competitive data, it’s little wonder that the Top 500 Guide is referred to as “the Bible of E-Commerce.”